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Pipetting Samples

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Oceanogen serves to explore and investigating the Indonesian marine biodiversity trough research. Our research focuses on marine biodiversity, mostly vertebrates diversity with special attention to evolutionary genetics and speciation, molecular ecology, fish ecology and systematics.

Oceanogen is customer success focused. We provides several services for laboratory testing, research, and development services in natural sciences, biotechnology, fisheries and marine science including comprehensive genetic testing for environmental biotechnology and exploration of marine biodiversity. We can also design the project with efficient execution, analysis data, and supporting the customer to ensure that the data and reports generated meet their needs.

Shipping Instruction for Sample


Prepare samples according to your needs discussed with us before

Sample ID

Label your sample with Sample ID to ensure that the sample is not exchanged

Pack it Safely

Make sure you have packed all of the samples for the
service requested

Sample Shipping

Make sure the sample is sent to our laboratory address with room temperature

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