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Pelatihan DNA Barcoding dan Analisis Data Genetika


Rp. 150,000

Course Schedule

February 11, 2023

About the Course

DNA Barcoding is a system designed to facilitate the precise and accurate search and authentication of living things. The system can be applied after knowing the basis. Oceanogen Online Course Series #1 / Batch 2 is here to help academics and researchers to understand more about DNA Barcoding. This course discusses DNA Barcoding and Genetic Data Analysis and its application in the Mini Project that we have prepared.

What Will You Learn?

  • Principle laboratory analysis of DNA barcoding and genetic population

  • DNA sequence preparation and species identification

  • Phylogenetic reconstruction using MEGA and iTOL

  • Haplotype distribution and connectivity using PopART


  1. e-Certificate

  2. e-Module

  3. Recording Video

  4. Voucher

  5. Mini Project

  6. Broader Academia Network Group

  7. Community

  8. Doorprize


Zoom Meeting Online

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